Simple economy cuts ecological footprint in half!

Climate change is progressing and inequality in the world is increasing.

Why is that?

Let’s start with the inequality between rich and poor, with the inequality between the global North and the global South. Our economic system is based on competition. Competition means there is a starting signal and everyone starts running. It’s the same in sport and it’s the same in business. The best or the fastest wins and gets the money. All others get nothing.

The one who gets the money can prepare even better for the next competition and then he gets even more money. That is why few people keep getting richer, in contrast to the many losers. The competition between the Global North and the Global South is similar. Since the South is already heavily in debt financially, it has absolutely no chance of winning against the North.

But what about Climate Change?

It is not only Climate Change that threatens the survival of mankind. Every day about 150 animal and plant species disappear irretrievably. Natural resources are being ruthlessly exploited and soon there will be wars over it. All of this is linked. We use more than twice what the earth can regenerate.

The measurable quantity of the cause of Climate Change is the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. 

This is how the CO2 concentration has developed since the climate summit in Paris in 2015. The concentration is increasing above average! Even the FFF protests since 2019 have not been able to change that.

All these effects don’t just fall out of the sky, they are caused by the constant growth of the world economy.

We know the numbers. If growth ever falls below three percent, then the politicians sound the alarm, you just have to pay close attention to the news. Our democratically elected politicians, excited about the growth, will certainly not enact legislation that will harm that growth.

And the great mass of voters will not oppose growth because these people are afraid of losing their “jobs”, no longer earning money and having to starve. For them, there is only one alternative: either to perish from climate collapse or to starve to death. And the latter is closer to them.

“Green” growth is bringing ever-increasing profits to the global economy, and poverty has reached unprecedented levels.

Even if there were machines to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or if all the steel in the world was made with green hydrogen, we would still be consuming more than double what the earth can regenerate. 

This economic system, this power growth generator cannot be slowed down. And there is a very simple reason for that.

Our current economic system was created to serve a very specific purpose. About 300 years ago there was hunger and need in Europe. Smart people like Adam Smith thought about how to boost the economy, how to make the economy grow. And so the competition was born.

But what can we really do to change that?

If you try to abstract our economic system very strongly, you will find that there is a market and that there are goods and money on the market. Everyone wants as much goods as possible for their money and everyone wants as much money as possible for their commodity labor power.

This is the root for the growth of the global economy. Money is the standard by which everything is measured.

For about fifty years, however, we know that growth must be stopped, that we must even reduce it in order to reduce our ecological footprint. But a system that has been perfected for 300 years to produce growth cannot be used to reduce growth actively and quickly enough. And as long as we stick to this system, we will continue to ruin our planet.

There is only one way to change the system.

In the market – goods – money system you can only remove money. We need the goods to live. And we can certainly live without money. Humanity has lived without money for two million years. Then some people started fenced off land and let other people work on it by giving them a medium of exchange.

Of course you cannot compare the world of ten thousand years ago with today’s world. But both in the past and today it is about ensuring daily supplies. What the gatherers did in the past, it is now done by agricultural machinery, and the hunters’ job has been taken over by the food industry. The level of science and technology allows us to surround ourselves with all sorts of things that make life pleasant for us. But 20,000 years ago, people put in more effort and hardship than they do today, even though there was no money.

Otherwise mankind would have starved and died out long ago.

Why shouldn’t that work anymore today? We have just proved that humanity is disciplined and united. Otherwise we would not have survived the pandemic so lightly.

What could happen if we take the money out of this system? The goods could then distribute themselves. Wherever there is a need, the goods go. Where demand is almost fully met, such as in the Global North, only little is then consumed. The disadvantaged then also get their fair share.

It’s the same with work. Work is done as much as necessary to provide for all people adequately. More free time is guaranteed to make us happier than ever more consumption. Today we work as much as possible, which leads to more and more waste of resources, emissions of greenhouse gases and waste. And we have less and less free time.
We just have to take the money out of the system. Then we have the system change that will ensure that what we are longing for will happen by itself.

So how could money be abolished?

Very easily. (Almost) everyone in the world is in debt due to personal loans or national debt. And almost all people in the world dream of their financial debt going away. With the abolition of money, all these debts would be eliminated. We just have to finally realize what all people have dreamed of since biblical times. A global debt relief, a jubilee! At the same time we make the money disappear. It’s that simple.

No harm is done to the creditor to whom you owe the money, since whatever he would buy with your interest he can simply take when there is no more money. The goods are there, with or without money.

Everyone’s behavior will change quickly because there is no longer any reason to cheat on anyone. You can just take what you need. And then we will really only take what we need to be happy.

And if there’s someone who says: I’m lugging away what I can carry, I simply ask – why should you do that?


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