THE WORLD IS PERISHING. Could a utopia still save it?

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There are already very good and interesting proposals like degrowth or turning away from the logic of exchange. These ideas should be implemented as soon as possible, because every year we wait brings the Earth closer to collapse.

The global GDP grows by 6000 billion US dollars annually. This additional sum is mainly generated by burning more and more fossil fuels and irretrievably exploiting natural resources. The result is that the atmosphere continues to warm up and more and more species are becoming extinct.

There are already many proponents of these social concepts and one could imagine that our entire society would be happy if these ideas were put into practice, as they would enable a good life for all.

A good life means having plenty of time for the family and especially for the children, being cooperative with each other without using your elbows, not being afraid of losing your job. Yes, there would even be the possibility that most people could work at what they enjoy. Really everyone would have access to all the necessities of life like food, shelter and medical care. We would not have to think about how to make the health system as economical and efficient as possible, but how it can best serve everyone.

But between our current economic form and these realisable economic and social concepts stands an almost insurmountable barrier.

This barrier is the market economy,
on which our current economic system is based.

The idea of these concepts is to provide the best for everyone, but the market does the opposite, it creates artificial scarcity. The market exists primarily to haggle over prices.

Today we need a new paradigm for which humanity is waiting and for which we are ready!

The market is commodity and money. The abolition of money makes the market obsolete and opens the way for a form of economy and society that serves all people.

It seems impossible to break down this barrier. But if it were easy, it would have been done 50 years ago. First we think that the abolition of money and the market leads to murder and manslaughter among people.

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