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Imagine you go shopping and don’t have to pay anything. Wouldn’t that be nice?

It could be possible tomorrow. All humans would only have to do their daily activities. That is very easy and we do not have to change anything. We just have to do everything exactly as we did the day before. Only that no money is flowing. You would hardly notice it.

I repeat it’s that simple:
Everyone lives on as before. But you don’t get any money for your work. But you don’t have to pay anything, not even rent, no medical care, etc. Because the doctors also work for free. I know it will take some effort to think like that, but try it, it’s worth it.

A bit of self-discipline would be necessary in order to continue doing everything exactly as before, when there was still money. But we are currently proving that we have this self-discipline. Because all people in the world wear their mouth and nose cover in a disciplined manner. Who could have imagined that a few years ago?

Then, over time, our habits will change. We see things differently because we get everything as a gift. Just as the earth gives us raw materials as a gift. We then live in a gift economy.

At some point we only buy something because we need it, not because advertising tells us to. Things that are of no use but only consume resources and create waste and contribute to climate change are no longer produced. Because nobody can make a profit from production. Because there is no money.

And one more piece of good news: everyone who is hungry or who has to sleep on the street because they have no money would suddenly be provided for. Because today there is enough of everything.

Even things that only cause suffering, like weapons, are no longer made.

Today, those who contribute least to climate change often have no access to essentials because they lack the little money themselves. This problem would be eliminated immediately. And there are other good reasons.

But how do we get there?

Very easily. The money would simply have to be devalued, as happens regularly in times of crisis. Only this time there is no substitute currency and we would be really free because we can choose what to take with us from the stores.

We each have some debts. The car has not yet been fully paid off, the last purchases on credit card or the € 25,000 that everyone has due to national debt. And they would all be gone in one fell swoop.

We just have to raise our hands and say yes and it happens. There is only one small problem. All over the world people have to raise their hands and say yes at the same time. As with the worldwide implementation of the Covid-19 measures.

Oh, I forgot to say something. All over the world people would have to demand this monetary devaluation with referendums.

Therefore – spread this as soon as possible!

It doesn’t hurt the banks, because they just printed the money anyway. And most of it is invested in real estate and companies because of the low interest rates and nobody takes that away from them. And you don’t need any more money anyway, for nothing.

The politicians would be happy about it although they would not admit it. But they have long since lost track of the gigantic flows of money and watch helplessly as more and more money is being printed.

You might be thinking, who would work then anyway?

Now when we think about whether it would work or not, we have to assume that we will think differently. We don’t do anything just to earn money anymore, we do everything voluntarily. As if it were our hobby.

Just as we put our mouthcaps on now to protect ourselves and others, we will then fulfill our daily duties to feed ourselves and others. That is innate self-protection. The behavior of everyone on earth during lockdown is proof that we have the necessary discipline. There is no longer any reason to doubt it.

But won’t we then take as much from the stores as we can carry when everything is free?

We humans are not inherently bad. We are raised to greed and envy. Society today cannot function without these qualities. They are the oil in the gears of the market and the market will do everything to keep it that way. As long as the money exists.

In reality the good qualities slumber within us. Or who should win at the end of the Netflix movie? The bad guys or the good guys?

We don’t have to imagine society on a voluntary basis like the battle at the cold buffet or Black Friday, where you get something (almost) free of charge for a limited time.

This new society doesn’t stop. It’s more like a relaxed all inclusive vacation. You know that everything will be free tomorrow too. Or imagine you’re going to a party to which everyone brings something. Every day.

Nobody will try harder if performance is not paid for!

We think so because we are brought up that way. But what are we really like? Did we really try harder at school when we were promised money? Aren’t we often much more committed to our hobbies than to our job? Wikipedia – a platform that is supported by volunteers. Sometimes the money even slows you down or we haven’t already heard the sentence: “I’m not paid for that!”.

Don’t we need another currency to exchange when the money is gone?

Imagine you go to this party and everyone bring something. Do you take your salad with you to exchange for the tiramisu? No. Everyone brings their full performance without wanting to trade. That is the essence of voluntariness.

Some who think about this new society also call it the gift economy. We get the raw materials and the energy from the earth and the sun and then we give them away.

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Maybe some things will turn out badly, but there will be much more things that turn out good. Let’s just think of the disappearance of human and drug trafficking, dumping, usury with rent and stock market transactions in food. Probably even the wars will go away because nobody can make money with weapons anymore.