The new economic order

Climate change and rising inequality are the biggest problems facing humanity today. There are extensive studies about it.
And there are massive demands on politicians.

But isn’t it like yelling to the leaders group in a marathon:

                                                   “Slow down!”       ? (Will they listen to us?)

What would happen if all money suddenly disappeared
due to an unforeseen global event?


We would continue to work as usual and get everything for free. Raw materials and energy don’t cost anything because they are provided by nature and if the work doesn’t cost anything, then of course the finished products don’t cost anything either. A little discipline would be required, but we have been demonstrating this discipline for two years in the fight against the pandemic. And the ability to work is a natural gift that distinguishes us from animals.

There is no proof that work is only possible with money.

If the goods are free, then investments in the economy are of course also free. Therefore, the main reason for growth is eliminated.
The climate-damaging CO2 emissions and inequality would no longer increase.

If there is no money, there is nothing to increase. There is no more profit and no more interest. There is no longer a market and goods can now be distributed as needed. Even those who have no money today will then get the little what they need to survive.

The implementation of this idea will not harm anyone. Nothing is taken away from anyone, because after that you don’t need any more money to get something. The many debts where no one knows who owes whom would disappear in one fell swoop.

To understand this, we have to completely switch our way of thinking.

Is our current way of thinking really correct about economy?
We think the economy is there for us. But aren’t WE the slaves of the economy today? We consume so that the economy can grow. We don’t buy what we need to be truly happy. We buy what the economy dictates to us with advertising, discount offers, newly created and not naturally existing needs and artificially shortening the shelf life of the products.

Only when the economy is no longer forced to sell, i.e. when there is no longer a market, will the economy adapt to our naturally existing needs. With the internet we now have a much better tool at hand to control production. We no longer need the market. It is a relic from the past.

Since our natural needs are much smaller than those artificially created by the economy, natural resources are exploited much less.

We have extensive knowledge of climate change and inequality in the world. Demands on politicians will not be enough.
We must fundamentally change the economic system.

The solution is: Global abolition of money.
There is not much time left.

All we have to do is
let every person vote on whether their debt should go away.


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Need for a new economic order

Our current economic order, the market economy, is based on an idea by Adam Smith. Adam Smith lived 250 years ago, in a time of hunger, hardship, and ignorance. He invented competition and it generated growth. That led us to today’s prosperity. Read More

The market economy dates back to the 18th century and was made for hardship and deficiency, not for abundance. We need a completely different economic system that can do without growth.

We need a new way of looking at society and the economy that takes into account our current level of knowledge and our current technical capabilities. 

A new economy, the gift-economy

The air you breathe is a gift from nature. It doesn’t cost anything. Water is also something that the earth gives us. Likewise the oil, the grain and many other things.Read More

Brussels, May 2021, Eberhard Licht

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