A new economic order – The thanks economy

Money has a lot of advantages. For example, that some people can buy what they want. Private jets, yachts, trips into space.

But money also has many disadvantages, for example that many people are cut off from housing, medical care or even food because they have no money.

Even if a basic income were introduced worldwide, which would be extremely complicated, it would still happen that people are homeless because they had to spend their support on other important things.

Another disadvantage of money is that weapons are produced just because a lot of money can be made with them. As long as weapons are produced, there will be war.

For about 50 years we have reached a level where we can say that everyone on earth would be fine if everything were distributed fairly. There has never been anything like it in human history.

Money is an accelerator that enables the economy to grow.

But growth can only be achieved if more and more is consumed. That is why we are encouraged to consume more and more through advertising. If consumption is no longer sufficient, the lifespan of the goods is shortened. All today’s economists believe in it like a law of nature and worship it like a god.

And through the increasing level of consumption, we pollute the oceans with microplastics, melt the polar ice caps and cruelly reduce biodiversity.

The only way out of this dilemma is to simply remove the accelerator, the money.

Our good life goes on anyway.

Then investment in the economy is free and the main reason for growth is gone. Then it will also be much easier to distribute our wealth fairly, since we can simply give away the surpluses to the countries where there is still a shortage.

We get everything we need from the earth and nature, we just have to process it with our labor.

And that would also be possible without any money.     (Further explanations)

Abolishing all the money is very easy. There is a worldwide referendum on complete currency devaluation. All debts disappear worldwide at once and nobody has a disadvantage because then you get everything you need for life for free.

On the day the money disappears, there is no barter or looting. Read More

People will change gradually. If we are no longer asked to buy through advertising and price wars, after a short time we only take what we really need. We get a strong civil society because voluntary work is on an equal footing with previously paid work. Sports, art and culture will revive, and young people with good ideas will start up innovative companies because you no longer have to worry about financing. Everyone works together on problems, as there is no longer any competition.

We don’t need to be afraid that no one will work anymore . Our problem today is that we work a lot more than is necessary to produce enough. A 25-hour week would be enough to cater for everyone, but we work 40 hours a week.

Nobody really has to be afraid because nothing is taken away from anyone except the money. But actually nothing is taken away because you don’t need any more money afterwards.

We could start with it at any time, no revolution is necessary, just a little overcoming.

Please spread this idea so that as many people as possible know about it.

Eberhard Licht        now@letusbe.one

Brussels, April 2021

1 The idea
2 Why do we have to abolish money?
3 Sociopolitical considerations
4 How can we achieve it?
5 Private property
6 The transition
7 Development of the economy
8 Epilogue

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