Adam Soul:
When the lights go out

Anitra Nelson:
Nelson shoes how money drives political power, environmental destruction and social inequality and argues for it to be abolished, rather than repurposed, to achieve a postcapitalist future.

Colin R. Turner:
The Free World Charter is a statement of principles that has the potential to optimise life on Earth for all species, eradicate poverty and greed, and advance progress.

Elisabeth Scherf:
Anders denken: eine Welt ohne Geld
Von allem weniger und von Liebe mehr

Eske Bockelmann
Das Geld
Es steht um diese Welt so, dass kaum eine Woche vergeht, in der nicht erneut von kundiger Seite gemahnt würde, es müsse allerspätestens jetzt etwas wegen des Klimas geschehen.

Jade Saab:
More on A World Without Money
A detailed Q&A on how it would work and what may stop it

Kane J. Fielding
The thousand year plan is based on the theory that one hundred people per square kilometre, live and work well with each other and with nature. ​

Economists use math to figure out how the people in power can maximize their profits. But the really important question is, what should we be trying to maximize instead (the happiness of society), and how can we get society to switch its priorities over to that?

Peter Lucas
“This book is an instruction manual for social justice, peace, prosperity and individual happiness – and not only for a small group or an individual country, but for all people – worldwide!”

Remzi Bajrami
It’s a global, alternative socio-economic system that can be used if/when the people need or want to evolve. It’s a plan for a new game of life, but this time, without debt, without taxes, and without Masters. It’s time for self-rule. It’s time to unite humanity on Earth.

Richard Osmaston:
We have outgrown it and moved into the modern era where the use of money and trade is actually detrimental to our survival.

Robin Wall Kimmerer:
An Economy of Abundance

Sigrun Preissing, Gottfried Schubert, Heidi Lehner 
In Zukunft ohne Geld?
Alle großen Krisen unserer Zeit hängen mit Geld zusammen. Wäre dann heute nicht ein Wirtschaften ohne Geld notwendig?

Silvia Fischer
Stell dir vor, es gäbe keinen Privatgrundbesitz mehr auf Erden, sondern das Recht eines jeden Menschen auf eine Unterkunft je nach seinen Bedürfnissen

The Auravana Project
This is a proposal for a societal system that operates effectively without trade, with the market, and without coercion. Community is capable of this accomplishment.

The Venus Project
In a Resource Based Economy all goods and services are available to all people without the need for means of exchange such as money, credits, barter or any other means.

The Zeitgeist Movementh
In a world of access rather than ownership, and without money, there is no incentive to steal, for there is no resale value.

Walter Siebert
Ich erlaube mir zu träumen: Meine bevorzugte Wirtschaftsform mag als Utopie erscheinen aber ich wünsche mir, dass wir uns in diese Richtung entwickeln. 


Culture and Spirituality

Der grüne Planet

Dominika & Damijan
With this manifesto we are taking deep changes in our daily lifes, towards balanced Earth. We are the new world’s libra, the symbol of justified equilibrium.

Kalliopeia Foundation @KalliopeiaF
Our programs and those we support are rooted in the understanding that ecological, cultural, and spiritual renewal are interdependent.

Peter Lucas (Lucki)
Utopia ist machbar
Theaterperformance zum Beginn  oder Ende einer Utopie Konferenz

From the market economy to the gift economy