The author

I’m 66 years old and I live with my spanish wife in Brussels.

Almost my whole work life I worked on the area of environmental analysis, with my own laboratory for the control of compliance of limit values of industrial air pollutants in Berlin and Bremen between 2005 and 2015. 

I lived in the GDR for 35 years. There were many good sides. But it was not a good thing that homes and industries were not being looked after. That was because nobody really felt responsible. Some people could also earn a lot of money with undeclared work and thus gain advantages in contrast to most people. That is why I do not recommend a return to socialism.

I’ve completely changed my mind about money.

Fifteen years ago I was a private entrepreneur with several employees. My biggest customer was the energy giant Vattenfall, for whose coal-fired power plant Reuter West in Berlin my laboratory carried out the emissions monitoring. I also worked with attorneys to enforce a patent that I wanted to make a lot of money off of. With information from the toll system, truck flows should be diverted to rail transport.

I gave up these endeavors when I realized that my children needed more time and attention. And today I am engaged to the transition to a society in which there is no money, but fraternal interaction with one another.

For a few years now I have been living as a minimalist on the basic income that my wife donates. 

For my pleasure I sing in several choirs, play saxophone in a street orchestra, support the younger two of my four children with their study and between 2017 and 2020 I worked as a volunteer in the homeless shelter Sleep Inn in Utrecht/Netherlands. 

This is my private website.