The author

Eberhard Licht lived in the former GDR until he was thirty-five. In the summer of 89, he was actively involved in the peaceful revolution. He has a Diploma in Process Engineering and a master’s degree in Water & Environment. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, he set up a branch laboratory of a southern German environmental institute. Later he founded his own private testing institute. It was a state-approved testing center for emission monitoring at industrial plants in Berlin. He also founded a company based on his own patent application, which was to divert truck flows to combined rail transport using data from the toll system.

He stopped these ventures when he realized that his two younger children needed more time. He later worked for several years as a volunteer at the homeless shelter “Sleep Inn” in Utrecht and dealt intensively with inequality and its elimination. The idea concept described in this book was created in Brussels during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Eberhard Licht is married to a Spanish woman and has four children. He maintains a minimalist lifestyle.

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