The saving of the world

Climate change is progressing and inequality in the world is increasing.

Climate change and ever increasing inequality in the world are due to the unchecked growth of the economy. This is because money is our measure of value.

Since we see that there are people who can buy super yachts and fly into space as tourists, we wish that too. We believe in the rags to riches legend and our dearest wish is to always have more money. But don’t we know for sure that we will never have a superyacht and we will never participate in space tourism.

But we cannot escape this pull. And this urge to multiply money is directly related to the economic growth that will lead us to ruin. Today, inequality is rising because the Global North is earning and because the Global South is getting more and more indebted.

Money makes us addicted, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier to wean ourselves off the money habit than from alcohol or drug withdrawal?
We will not lack the money. Because if we were to abolish money, we would no longer have to pay for everyday goods. Wouldn’t it be great if we got everything for free?

We’re thinking straight away, who would go to work then? But during the pandemic, we proved that everyone followed the lockdown rules, even if it was difficult at times. Why? Because we wanted to get the pandemic under control together. And if we abolish money, then we will be just as disciplined so as not to endanger people’s supply.

All we have to do is continue our daily lives as normal. Our reward is the end of climate change and world inequality.

Why will inequality and climate change disappear?

If there is no more money, then the economy no longer earns by selling more and more. That’s why there is no more advertising, for example, we find our way back to ourselves and no longer take goods that are superfluous and that we don’t need. Economic growth is declining, far less carbon dioxide is being emitted, and far fewer raw materials are being used.

And why is inequality declining? Very easily. If the distribution of goods is no longer controlled by money, then the goods will distribute themselves. They go where there is a need and where the need is saturated, like in the Global North, there is much less consumption.

Wars will stop because nobody can make profit with weapons anymore and states will become superfluous.

So how could money be abolished?

Very easily. (Almost) everyone in the world dreams of their financial debt going away. And almost everyone in the world is in debt because of personal or national debt. With the abolition of money, this debt would disappear.

Nobody, not even our billionaires, would be at a disadvantage because then we can just grab the goods we need. These goods are there anyway, whether you buy them or take them.

If all people together wanted it very much, then it could really happen that inequality and climate change disappear.

Please start reading above again to really understand this connection.

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Berlin, September 2022, Eberhard Licht   


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