THE WORLD IS PERISHING. Could a utopia still save it?

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Many people believe that there is no or not enough democracy in the countries of the Global North. They are therefore calling for the convening of citizens’ assemblies. The reason is that governments are not taking sufficiently effective action against climate change and neo-colonialism. These two global problems are caused by the fact that we consume far too much to generate sufficient economic growth.

Imagine if a citizens’ assembly managed to reduce a country’s economic output by two thirds. This would be necessary to bring the ecological footprint back within global limits, which is exactly what would be needed so that our earth, and especially the global South, is not further exploited and no more animal and plant species become extinct.

But what would happen if suddenly half the population became unemployed?

This small and easy-to-read book describes what we could do so that unemployment is no longer a problem. It is not about a basic income but about all people being free to choose how they want to live. Uninfluenced by advertising and the call to consume.



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This handout discusses basic contradictions in our society that cannot be solved under the conditions of the logic of exchange and the financial system. There is the problem that there will be fewer and fewer jobs available in the future or the fact that we are moving further and further away from our own self and therefore no longer know what we really need to be able to lead a happy life.

In a democracy, the majority of people have to be convinced in order to be able to change something. Unfortunately, it is the case today that the democratic majority only supports something in which they expect a material advantage.

The global cancellation of all debts is proposed, which would bring a material advantage for almost all people in the world. But what about the creditors? Wouldn’t they be disadvantaged if they received neither repayment nor interest?

If all money were to be abolished at the same time, then every person would receive everything they need to live happily as a gift. In return, everyone helps out as much as they can without getting paid. Because the creditor would then also receive everything as a gift, he would have no disadvantage through the abolition of debt.

This way, we would have overcome the logic of exchange and the financial system, and competition among people would come to an end. This competition has made today’s progress possible, but for the last 50 years it has been increasingly fatal for life on earth.

All we have to do is make all people want to abolish all debts.

It is as simple as that.

Berlin, august 2023

Eberhard Licht 

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