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Global debt cancellation

Every person in the world who is in debt must have an interest in seeing that debt go away. Due to the general national debt, this affects almost everyone in the world.

This debt relief would be a gift for all concerned.

But how can you ensure that nobody suffers disadvantages as a result?

What would happen if every person in the world could vote on whether their debt, both private and public, be forgiven without harming anyone? Disadvantages would be if something is taken away from someone.

If all money is abolished at the same time as the debt, then nothing will be taken away from anyone, because afterwards everyone in the world will get everything they need for free.

So would every human vote for this? I think so.

Given the helplessness of world leaders in dealing with our future, there will be no other way out of this mess.

The era of money is over. The power over it is now completely slipping out of our hands. Many of the activities vital to human survival are not being carried but on the other hand there are millions of unemployed people waiting to do something. Warehouses for aid supplies are bursting at the seams and on the other hand there are almost a billion people who are starving. That’s grotesque. Money impeded!

We no longer need competition to generate growth, we now need to distribute the world’s wealth fairly. That will only work once we have abolished the money.

The difference between the richest and the poorest is unreal and absurd. Money has lost its function as a measure of value.

Humanity produces more than enough for all people to live well. We no longer need this voucher.

All people in the world must be able to vote that all debts be canceled. For this we need a global referendum.

That is the great task before us.