We humans

Greed and envy are among the most negative human traits. Greed is to be able to buy as much as possible and envy is to want what the neighbor has. These two characteristics are the cornerstone of the market economy, and without them it would not work. The system will therefore do everything in its power to promote these two properties. Greed and envy are the oil in the gears of the market.

The real basis of the market economy is competitive thinking. Since it is contrary to the willingness to help, the system will naturally strictly combat the willingness to help, even if officially the contrary is claimed. It is euphemistically called competition. But in competition it is deadly to help competitors. This thought continues into our everyday life. We see that there is something to be done and we could easily do it, but we tell ourselves that others are paid for it.

In order to live in the system of the market economy, one has to accept these facts. Unfortunately, this leads to the fact that we think that people are naturally so predisposed. But it is not like that. Our good qualities lie dormant within us.

I am a good example myself.

Ten years ago I was a private entrepreneur with several employees. My biggest client was the energy giant Vattenfall, for whose coal-fired power plant Reuter West in Berlin my laboratory carried out the emissions monitoring. I also fought for a patent that would use information from the toll system to divert truck flows to rail transport. I wanted to earn a lot of money with it.

I gave up these endeavors when I realized that my children needed more time and attention. But I only started thinking about the way we live after meeting Aborigines in Australia. They still hold on to the way, how they lived for an unimaginably long time. In harmonie with nature.

When we go to the cinema or watch a Netflix movie, what do we want? A happy ending or a bad ending? Who should win – the good guys or the bad guys?

This is how we are at heart. Therefore, a voluntary society will work better than a money-based society.

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