Green Hydrogen

Optimists claim that we could switch our energy supply to green hydrogen. But this does not solve the main problem of our society.

Humanity is at the peak of its development. We are on the verge of wiping out our livelihoods. We have almost managed to decipher the key of life. And we’re so full, especially in the Global North, that we’re on the verge of vomiting.

This development was made possible by competition, but now we have to stop competing. It is enough. However, the momentum is so powerful that we cannot stop it unless we jump off the moving sled and try to do something from the outside.

The economy is the engine and money is the fuel. Market is money and goods. We are amazed that inequality is increasing, but as long as there is money, goods cannot be distributed fairly. They go to those who have money and not to those who are in need.

We have to abolish money, we don’t need it anymore. We have sufficient knowledge and the necessary intelligence to be able to do business without this voucher. We are currently demonstrating global solidarity and discipline in the fight against the pandemic.

It works. If we have a global vote to eliminate all debt in the world, the money can disappear. There is no downside because you don’t need any more money afterwards. Everything is distributed fairly and you get what you need for free.

And when resource and energy consumption are drastically reduced because needs are no longer artificially generated and we have found our way back to ourselves, then we will be able to supply the remaining steel industry with sufficient green hydrogen.

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