Economic systems of the last 100 years:

Capitalism – property and money

Insoluble contradictions: Competition is based on inequality. That is why inequality is growing in capitalism.
Law of Infinite Growth.

Socialism: money and not property

Insoluble contradictions: The existence of public property can only be maintained through the dictatorship of the proletariat.
Organized irresponsibility.


Property and no money.

The main advantages are: investments are free,
therefore the economy no longer needs growth that exploits the earth and changes the climate.
No more competition. Everyone tries to reach the goal at the same time and inequality in the world will go away.

The most important human rights are fully guaranteed:
– Right to adequate food
– Right to shelter
– Right to medical care

All debts are disappearing worldwide without any disadvantage. Because you don’t need any more money.

Many system critics say that there should be no property. We have to realize that the abolition of property is totally unrealistic because it would require violence.

When there is no more money and no profit can be made from property, property will gradually lose its meaning.

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