Earth overshoot day

Earth overshoot day 

Earth Overshoot Day is an annual day that marks the point in the calendar year when humanity has consumed more natural resources than the Earth can regenerate in one year.

Source: Global Footprint Network

For example, if Earth Overshoot Day falls on 4 May, as it does for Germany, this means that within four months and 4 days we have used up as many natural resources as the Earth can regenerate in a year. For the rest of the year, we then live in ecological deficit by exploiting natural resources beyond their capacity.

The ecological footprint must be reduced to a third in the global North so that we can once again live in harmony with what our Earth gives us. This is also the only way to stop extinction. This means that areas of the economy such as the car industry or transport must be drastically scaled down. We saw that this is possible at the first lockdown.

But the consequence is that there will then be many unemployed. Therefore, it will only succeed if we take away the fear of these people. We need an economic system that ensures these and all people unhindered access to everything that is necessary for a self-determined and happy life (in the sense of the GNH of Bhutan). Even under socialism, there is market and competition, so we need to think further. And most importantly, it has to be done quickly because of the tipping points.

Normally, politics would be responsible for this, but they are frantically holding on to the current system because everything is supposedly so great. That’s why we absolutely have to come up with something.

Shouldn’t we start thinking about this now?

Here is a suggestion for a solution:

The simple economy (incl. FAQ)

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