How ?

With a currency devaluation. All debts in the world are paid off at once.
This is the incentive.

At the moment, an unimaginable amount of money is being printed around the world to support the economy. In such situations there is always a risk of inflation. We must not wait until chaos breaks out, as we did with earlier inflations, but rather anticipate it with targeted currency devaluation.

How often have people already lost their savings without having any advantage. As a result of market-induced currency crises, or worse, when savings are taken by war.

Almost all countries in the world are in debt. It goes without saying that all citizens of these countries are therefore indebted, whether we want to admit it or not. The average European debt averages € 25,000, although there are big differences. That is as much as the average amount of savings of at least half of all residents. This fact can probably be generalized for all industrialized nations. Should the banks demand their money back, all citizens would have to pay. In the non-industrialized nations, people’s financial conditions are likely to be even worse.

In the event of a democratic vote on the abolition of money, an approval could be expected with certainty.

Most people save money not for their own sake but to make provisions for the future. In a voluntary society you don’t have to make provisions for the future, as you are naturally provided for until the end of your life. Similar to the social network in the solidarity community. You don’t have to pay 100,000 euros for an surgical intervention because everyone contributes to it. In the voluntary society this affects all areas of life. So it doesn’t matter if the savings are gone.

In the new society you no longer need savings because we care for one another. Our great-grandchildren will laugh at our efforts to put money aside for rainy days.

The financially better off and the banks have invested their money. Since there are no expropriations, this property will not be touched. So nobody would really be disadvantaged.

The next step

The next step is to set a deadline on which all money in the world will be devalued to zero.

At the same time, all people are called upon not to change their behavior with regard to work and leisure. Advertising must be avoided so that unnecessary needs are not awakened in this previous period, which do not exist.

Politicians are no longer allowed to argue: “Keep it up, just a little different” but: “We have to be completely different from now on!” This is also an opportunity for them to make a new profile and to get out of the “uniformity” of politics. This would also stop currents that are looking for variety by drifting to the right.

The idea of ​​fraternal togetherness also corresponds perfectly to the teaching of Christianity, to which a quarter of humanity adheres. Pope Francis is an ardent advocate of this idea. As long as every service is paid for, there can be no unrestricted fraternal togetherness.

The property does not have to be touched because you can no longer make a profit with it. On the contrary. Property obliges to handle it with care.

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