At some point humans began to differ from animals. One of the main features besides the disappearance of body hair and the upright gait was that only humans are able to work purposefully, to create something very specific. Nobody has to force him to do it, he does it of his own accord. That worked for two million years.

A revolution has occurred over the past 10,000 years. We are now on a higher level, science and technology have brought us there. Money was also involved. But if we’re not careful now, we’ll ruin everything again.

It is an very short period of time, around five thousandths of human history. In this short period the ability to be creative on one’s own initiative, one of the main human characteristics, has certainly not been lost.

I sometimes look for a suitable term for the many tasks, we are not paid for. They are more important than stock market speculation. They make up a large part of human life. They are called “voluntary”, “household”, “nursing” or “leisure activity”. You can’t use the term “work” because one don’t get paid for it.

But isn’t that absurd? In particular, activities for relatives, the family, hobbies, society, i.e. activities that one carries out on one’s own initiative, cannot be called “work”?

There is only one way to correct this. Both kinds of work must be put back on an equal footing, as has been the case for two million years. To do this, we must abolish money globally. I think the ploy for everyone to get out of debt could be a way to make the money go away.

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