2 Why do we have to abolish money?

A. Because a climate catastrophe threatens if something does not change quickly

For fifty years, experts from various disciplines from the Club of Rome have warned that the earth will be threatened if consumption continues to grow. However, growth has not slowed down but has even increased threefold since then. People didn’t get any happier.

In the meantime, the forests are burning, the poles and glaciers are melting, the seas are polluted with plastic. But politicians shout “alarm” when growth slows.

The “invisible hand of the market” always finds a way to increase the growth that the market needs to survive. Cosmetic changes in today’s economic system will not change anything because the market always finds a gap in order to be able to continue as before. We have to take the tool of the invisible hand, namely the money.

Things that are of no use, but only consume resources and create waste and contribute to climate change, are then no longer produced. Because nobody can make a profit from their production. Because there is no money.

B. All major economic crises have been caused by money

Economic economists are gamblers. In fact, they openly admit that they don’t know what happens when they try to manipulate the market. Their stake is currently almost two trillion euros. It is an unimaginable amount, almost half of the gross domestic product of the FRG. Their stakes are not theirs, they play with the money we all have to earn again later.

The better or worse of billions of people depends on their gambling. That will only stop when there is no more money.

C. Because there is need, just because people have no money although there is enough of everything

An unimaginable amount of money is currently being made available to help people who are in need due to the Corona crisis.

But this is not about the daily care of the citizens, that would be understandable. But food, clothing, energy and water are abundant.

Aid is being given to industries such as the auto industry and aviation, which are just becoming apparent that they are not needed. It is also just a matter of the fact that the people whose jobs could be lost there suddenly could no longer pay for all the basic services, even though there is enough of everything.

Why all this help when there is enough. We would just have to abolish money, then everyone would have access to the goods, even without the great efforts of politics. Nobody has to be afraid of unemployment because there is no such thing as unemployment. It then no longer matters whether you work under contract or voluntarily.

Those who contribute the least to climate change, such as the homeless, have no access to essentials because they lack the little money themselves. This problem would also be eliminated with the disappearance of money.

D. Because we have lost the center of our life

The global economy needs growth. That is why it provides us with money so that we can consume more and more in order to generate even more growth. That takes up all of our free time and we no longer know what is really important. For example the earth to which we belong, with its biodiversity. Scientists say that in the past 50 years, more than 70% of all plant and animal species have irretrievably disappeared from our planet.

When we get rid of the money, we will focus again on what is really important.

E. Because the gap between rich and poor is widening

This is a well known and accepted fact. This is mainly because our economics today is based on a teaching from the 18th century. From a time long before the French Revolution. With this teaching one tried to make the life of the people from the lower social class more bearable, despite the lack of everything. Because these principles of Adam Smith’s teaching are still applied in politics and business today, even though we live in abundance, there is this grotesque financial imbalance in the world. Adam Smith could not have imagined any limits to growth, let alone climate change.

When there is no more money, there is no longer any „rich“ or „poor“.

F. Because the market dictates what we buy

It would be obvious that we support regional companies. But due to market competition, we mainly buy products that come from far away because their production was cheap there. We do not buy vegetables from organic farmers in the area but from places where labor is cheaper. Clothing comes from Asia, where people are being exploited. In the countries of the global south, grown agricultural structures are being destroyed and by the creation of monocultures the biodiversity is reduced, just so that the countries of the global north can be supplied with cheap products. The reason for this is mostly national debt. We know this is wrong, but as long as money drives our buying habits, that won’t change.

G. Because the evaluation of our “Time” is very contradictory

Why is the time you spend with your children much less financially valuable than the time someone sits at the computer speculating with money? The former is worthless and the latter is often rewarded with millions. Why is there any difference between getting paid for work and doing it voluntarily? Isn’t it much more important that the job gets done than that it gets paid? Only when the money is gone will we be really free to do something useful where we are best suited.

H. Because we are on the step into a new age

Today’s philosophers and thinkers see the dawn of a new age, that of the planetary age. For the first time, humanity is able to free itself from gravity, to view our planet from the outside and to sense its fragility. In addition, thanks to technical and scientific progress, we would be able to enable everyone on earth to live a life without need. There has not been something like that before. Humanity is on the threshold of the 3rd millennium is ready for a big step towards a new quality of coexistence. 

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2 Why do we have to abolish money?
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