3 A new form of society

Capitalism: money and property / Socialism: money and no property

Adam Smith lived in a time of hunger, hardship, and ignorance. He invented competition and growth. That brought us to prosperity.

Today we live in abundance. If everything were distributed fairly, all people would be adequately provided with means of need.

The capitalist economic system is programmed for growth. Growth requires more and more consumption and more consumption leads to depletion of the earth’s supplies and the waste of resources brings us closer and closer to collapse. So we have to stop with it now.

Karl Marx wanted to ensure that the profit that entrepreneurs made by using machines would benefit all people. The means of choice was to take the machines away from the entrepreneurs and convert private property into common property of the people.

In the real existing socialism we have been able to determine that it did not work the way Marx imagined it would. Since there was no private property, no one felt responsible for maintaining the facilities. Apartments were falling into disrepair and in the industry was inadequate maintenance. That was not the only but also a trigger for the end of the experiment.

Since socialism also works with money, there is still greed and envy. The doctor was jealous of the simple worker who earned as much as he did. Leaders were bribed.

A new form of society

Now, for the first time in human history, we have reached a state in which it is possible to adequately supply all people with everything they need. Therefore it is no longer necessary that goods have to be rationed with a means such as money. We could just take what we need today. 

The Corona crisis has shown that people are disciplined and show solidarity. This is the prerequisite for the flow of goods to remain stable even without money. That is one of the reasons why we are ready today for a society without money.

We can now create a state of affairs that already existed in the primordial community, but which can now become reality in a much higher level of quality:

Property but not money

This gives us the opportunity to no longer have to buy the cheapest but we can take what we think is the best because it was really sustainably produced and not in a way determined by the price war.

When you hear about an alternative to the market economy, you immediately think of a planned economy. But that’s really not the case here.

The reason for the planned economy under socialism was precisely that the finances had to be planned for the next five years. Since there is no money in the new society, it is superfluous. That is why it will not be a planned economy.

Due to the general high level of digitalization, we are able to request products in real time without first having to issue a tender for the cheapest supplier.

Since the formation of profit is excluded due to the lack of money, property does not have to be nationalized. That’s why there doesn’t have to be a revolution. Nobody has to be afraid. Property must remain because it is important because it guarants careful maintennance. Since we give each other gifts in this form of society, we will also treat property differently and no longer exclude it from general use.

1 The idea
2 Why do we have to abolish money?
3 Sociopolitical considerations
4 How can we achieve it?
5 Private property
6 The transition
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