The difference between the sexes

Besides the biological characteristic of the sexes, there is another difference. Men usually get money for what they do, women often do not. A man stands as a teacher in front of a class and teaches mathematics. He gets money for that. In the afternoon, a woman sits next to her child and helps him to understand what it wrote down at school that morning. She doesn’t get any money for that.

Most will now say that this is quite normal. But is it really normal for a man to get paid for the same work and a woman not? It’s a fact, but norm derives from scale. Imagine a scale. In one bowl there is one kilogram and in the other there is nothing. We are told that this scale is balanced. What’s wrong with us that we can’t see this?

Unfortunately, this fact means that those whose work is worthless are often discriminated against, humiliated and even abused.

How could this contradiction be eliminated out of the world? Women could be paid the same as men. But how to evaluate it really well? Imagine that the teacher’s teaching is so bad that no student understands anything. At home, the mother manages with a lot of patience that her child finally understands what was taught in school. Which judge should decide? How many vocations will there be? We see that there is this scale that is wrong. But we don’t see the error. Are we blind?

What if there was no money at all?


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