Money is mainly a tool of the economy. We only have to think of the stock trading. And the economy has perfected itself so much in the last 200 years that it will not be possible to dictate to it how to deal with money. It is much easier to abolish money altogether.

But is anyone interested in having this tool of unlimited possibilities taken away from them? Unless he would gain an advantage from it.
Someone recently bought a small house and took out a loan of 600,000 euros for it. At the moment, he doesn’t have much trouble paying off this loan, but it’s unpleasant to always live with the fear that the bank can kick him out at any time. You don’t know how interest rates will develop too.

Wouldn’t it be a tremendous relief for most people if their debts simply disappeared? Think also of the highly indebted countries of the global South.

However, one would have to resort to a means of magic, because would a creditor just give up his money like that?
There is, however, a magic trick, but as with real magic, this trick is so difficult to see through that only very few people succeed can do it.

I want to reveal this trick. With a loan, the creditor lives off the interest he receives. He initially uses this to cover his living expenses. Of course, he also speculates with the money that remains, but let’s just focus on living. You don’t need billions to live well. It is said that for most people a maximum of 70,000 euros a year would be enough to live a good life. With that, you cover the expenses for your house or flat, your car, food and clothing, go out every few days and support your children.

And that brings us to the magic trick. However, it would only work if the majority of humanity were disciplined and united. But didn’t we clearly prove during the first lockdown that we are?

So it should be possible for people to get their daily needs from the supermarket for free in the evening and go back to work the next day in exchange without getting any money. Actually, there should be nothing stopping us at all. If we assume that this is a permanent situation, there is no reason to take more from the shops than one really needs.

Let us now turn to the creditor who has issued the credit. He too, of course, gets the goods of daily use and everything he needs to live free of charge. So would he bother to collect his interest and the repayment if he no longer needed them at all in order to buy something with them? So, theoretically, it would not bother him at all if the debt disappeared.

And that is the whole magic trick. If we abolish all money together with debt, nothing bad happens at all. You would hardly notice it if envy and greed didn’t gradually disappear and a society centred on the earth developed. Not only in alternative living communities, but worldwide.

As long as we buy the goods of the earth, we have no reason to give thanks. We only give thanks for gifts. But when we receive the treasures of the earth as a gift, we also feel obliged to give something back.

No revolution is needed to realise this idea. It would only need to spread this idea until all people know about it and a global referendum is initiated to abolish all debt and money. That is all that is needed.

That could happen as early as next year.

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