Christ will be resurrected at Easter

Jesus said: Let the children come to me.

And the children and youth around the world are taking to the streets these days calling for help and support for a secure future for our earth, because of the action „Fridays for future“ .

Churches, open the doors to them, and offer them a roof. They want to change the world and we need to help them with it. We Christians can understand them. Let them come to us.

They want exactly what our Pope Francis asks for in his „Laudato si“. He wants the present economic system, that does not take Mother Earth into account, to change for something better. 

We have enough of everything, for everyone on the earth if we shared it fairly. Just as Jesus wants it.

There are good examples of collaborative projects that work without commercial interest.
Wikipedia, a website everyone uses to gain knowledge or
WordPress, which today is the most widely used system for websites. These two things used all over the world are free because people work because they enjoy it.

There are other examples, from the supply of biological and regional food or student aid without a commercial background. But also, projects for the joint construction and management of houses, free of commerce and profiteering.

There are many more concrete examples under the term „Commons“ on the Internet.

We, the Church can help the children and young people in their search for renewal. And the church has enough power to influence politics to implement the climate tax they demand.

Lets make this the Easter message!

Let a living Christ be resurrected!

Fill new wine in new wineskins!