I’m 64 years old and I live with my spanish wife in Utrecht. Sinds long I thought about a fairer society but it was only when I read the book „Laudato si“ of Pope Francis that I realized that the harm lies in the cycle of work and consumption, and that this cycle is driven by the multinationals and banks. In the book “Retournez les fusils!” / “Ändere die Welt” by Jean Ziegler, I learned a lot about the causes of injustice in the world. But reading the book „Frei, fair und lebendig – Die Macht der Commons“ by
Silke Helfrich / David Bollier , I realized where the solution is.

Almost my whole work life I worked on the area of environmental analysis, with my own laboratory for emission monitoring of industrial air pollutants between 2005 and 2015. From then on, I lived on the basic income that my wife donates.

I grew up in East Germany and when I was 30 years old I started to build my own house. Within three years I made walls, floors, the roof and everything necessary for a house. All of it with my own hands.

For my pleasure I now sing in a good choir, play saxophone in a street orchestra, go sailing if it is possible, support my children with their study and since august 2017 I work as a volunteer in the homeless shelter Sleep Inn in Utrecht.